Joseph Horowitz

 Joseph Horowitz
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by Joseph Horowitz
Published by Knopf, 1982; paperback: Limelight Editions
Currently in print as Arrau on Music and Performance (Dover)

“One of the best books about a performing artist ever written”
- Andrew Porter, The New Yorker

A subtle portrait of one of the world's great concert artists, this volume offers a vivid presentation of Arrau's unique and intensely felt beliefs about music and piano technique. In addition to conversations with Arrau, the author has included discussions with four of Arrau's renowned musical colleagues: Philip Lorenz, Daniel Barenboim, Garrick Ohlsson, and Sir Colin Davis. The result is an eminently readable portrait of a great artist, presented in an intimate, conversational format. “. . . a fascinating and valuable book.” 21 photos. (New York Magazine)

“One of the best books about a performing artist ever written. It’s an enthralling, free-flowing, but shapely compound of reminiscences and of observations on music, on particular pieces (and particular measures in those pieces), on piano playing, and on individual pianists”
– Andrew Porter, The New Yorker
“Something of a miracle, a book that actually explores the life and development of a living musician by dealing seriously with important musical issues.”
– Peter G. Davis, New York Magazine
“A beautifully written book. Not only a subtle portrait of one of the last living Romantic artists but also an exploration of the psychological roots of artistic expression. By sketching Arrau, Horowitz manages to sketch a world-view, an old-world sensibility that seems to be fading in the pseudo-glamorous, ‘supra-personal scheme’ of today’s jet set-performers. Obviously a book of special interest to musicians, but it should be a civilized treat for anyone interested in the arts.”
– Jack Sullivan, Newsday