Joseph Horowitz

 Joseph Horowitz
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For the Pacific Symphony (Orange County, Calif.), as Artistic Advisor (for annual American music festival, including film, symposia, chamber music, etc., etc.)

  • “Aaron Copland in Search of America,” Nov. 2000
  • “Dvorak in America,” April 2002
  • “American Songs of Innocence and Experience,” March 2003
  • “Tradewinds” (Chinese-American music), March 2004
  • “Adams/McPhee/Crumb, May 2005
  • “Lou Harrison: An American Original,” March 2006
  • “The Russian-American Jazz Connection,” October 2006
  • “Csardas,”  November 2006
  • “A Mexican festival,” June 2007
  • "The Idea of the West," February 2008
  • "Hollywood," February 2009
  • "The Greatest Generation," February 2010

For the 92nd Street Y Schubertiade, as Artistic Advisor: Created an annual all-day symposium (incorporating performances, commentary, discussion), helped to plan repertoire and ancillary events, wrote and edited the program book for:

  • Year I: Jan. 26-Feb. 7, 1988. Symposium: “Schubert and the Romantic Lied”. 47-page program book.
  • Year II: Feb. 12-26, 1989. Symposium: “Schubert Lieder in Performance” 92-page program book.
  • Year III: Jan. 7-Feb. 1, 1990. Symposium: “Perspectives on Erlkonig.” 67-page program book.
  • Year IV: Jan. 25-Feb. 2, 1992: Symposium: “Schubert the Man: Myth versus Reality” (with film, operetta, etc.). 52-page program book.
  • Year V: March 17-April 4, 1993. Symposium: “Schubert and the Piano.” 41-page program book.
  • Year VI: April 17-28, 1994. Symposium: “Perspectives on Winterreise.” 48-page program book.

For the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, as Artistic Advisor or Executive Director: Created weekend thematic festivals, incorporating film, theater, chamber music, folk and vernacular sources, lecture/demonstrations, etc.

  • “From the New World,” Jan. 28, 29, and 30, 1994. Dvorak in America, celebrating 100th birthday of his New World Symphony. With visual presentation (for New World Symphony), Hiawatha Melodrama, Dvorak CD-ROM, songs, chamber and keyboard music, film of Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West,” presentations on Dvorak and Native Americans, Dvorak and African-American music, etc.. 57-page program book.
  • “The Russian Stravinsky,” May 6, 7, and 8, 1994. Folk sources of early Stravinsky, with the Pokrovsky Folk Ensemble of Moscow, plus staged performance of Les noces and Renard, etc. 68-page program book (winner of an ASCAP/Deems Taylor award).
  • “American Transcendentalists ,” Nov. 11, 12, and 13, 1994. Charles Ives, John Adams, Emerson, Thoreau. Including songs, keyboard music, dramatic readings, etc. 56-page program book. In collaboration with Houston da Camera.
  • “From Gospel to Gershwin,” Nov. 3, 4, and 5, 1995. Joplin, Still, Ellington, etc. Including jazz orchestra, gospel chorus. 16-page program companion. In collaboration with Houston da Camera.
  • “Orientalism,” Feb. 16, 17, and 18, 1996. With Javanese and Balinese gamelan orchestras, film, plus orchestral and chamber music by Rimsky-Korsakov, Debussy, Ravel, Colin McPhee, Michael Tenzer, Steve Reich. 40-page program book. In collaboration with the Chicago Symphony.
  • “The Virgil Thomson Centenary,” March 29, 30, and 31, 1996. With film, chamber music, songs, etc. 72-page program book. In collaboration with the San Antonio Symphony.
  • “Flamenco,” March 7, 8, and 9, 1997. With chamber music; also flamenco singers, guitarists, dancer, films. Music by Albeniz, Granados, Infante, Turina, Falla, Surinach, Gerhard. 36-page program book.
  • “Csardas!,” Feb. 20-21, 1998. With chamber music; also gypsy/Hungarian folk music, etc. In collaboration with the New World Symphony.

For the New Jersey Symphony, as Festival Consultant (for annual three-week Winter Festival, including program companion, symposium, film, etc., etc.) and Humanities Coordinator:

  • “The Symphonic Wagner: An American Tradition,” Jan. 5 to 24, 1999.
  • “Re-Encountering Rachmaninoff,” Jan. 18, 1999,  to Feb. 6, 2000.
  • “Dvorak in America,” an education project, Fall 2001. To be repeated Fall 2003
  • “The Meanings of Tchaikovsky,” Jan. 11 to 28, 2001.
  • “Richard Strauss: A Hero’s Life?” Jan. 2002
  • “American Roots,” Jan. 2003
  • “Dvorak Centenary celebration," Jan. 2004
  • “Northern Lights,” Jan. 2005
  • “The Many Faces of Mozart,” Jan. 2006



For the New England Conservatory, Director of “Reclaiming the Past: Musical Boston a Century Ago,” March 4 to 11, 1999. Concerts of symphonic, chamber, and choral music, keyboard works, songs, etc. (Paine, Dvorak, Chadwick, Beach, Parker, Ives, Farwell, Busoni, etc.) Including an entire day on the Indianists movement, with Native American sources, etc. 28-page program book. In collaboration with Northeastern University.
For the American Composers Orchestra, Artistic Consultant to “Whitman and Music,” May 15 and 16, 1999. Songs, symphonic music, lectures, etc.
For the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, Artistic Consultant to “The Century,” five subscription weekends, 1999-2000. Author/editor of 15,000-word Program Companion
For the Stresa Festival (Italy), Artistic Consultant to Rachmaninoff Festival, September 2000. Also to Dvorak Festival, August 2001, Bach festival September 2002.
For the Kansas City Symphony, Artistic Consultant to “Stravinsky and His Sources,” January to March, 2001
For the New World Symphony (Miami Beach, Fla.), Artistic Consultant to “Flamenco,” March 9-11, 2001.
“Csardas”, a touring festival presentation with the Takacs String Quartet and the folk music group Muzsikas (debuts at Aspen Music Festival, June 2001)
For the Brooklyn Philharmonic in collaboration with IberArtists New York: “Celebrating Don Quixote,” Feb. 2004. Repeated at Kennedy Center, Nov. 2005.
For the Nashville Symphony in collaboration with Vanderbilt University,   “Dvorak and America,” Oct. 1-10, 2004.
For the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with the Austin Symphony, “New Worlds: Dvorak and the Search for America,” Nov. 9 to 22, 2004.
For the Elgin Symphony, “Dvorak and America,” March 3-6, 2005; a Copland festival, Spring 2007.
For Post-Classical Ensemble (DC) in collaboration with IberArtists New York and Instituto Cervantes, “Beyond Flamenco: Finding Spain in Music,”  Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (College Park, Md.), October 2006 (and repeated in New York City [Guggenheim Museum] December 2006).
For Post-Classical Ensemble in collaboration with the American Film Institute, classic American documentary films (The River and The Plow that Broke the Plains) with soundtracks by  Thomson in live performance, June 2005.
The American Piano, a week-long festival/residency, Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Univ. of Maryland at College Park, March 2006.  (Repeated at Wesleyan University and Stanford University in Fall 2006; UC-Davis in Spring 2010)

For the Pittsburgh Symphony, "Re-Encountering Rachmaninoff," Spring 2009

For Stanford Lively Arts, Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff Festivals, 2008 and 2009

For the University of Chicago, "Beyond Flamenco," March 2010

For Post-Classical Ensemble, a Revueltas-Chavez festival, 2008

For Post-Classical Ensemble, a Liszt festival, February 2010

For Post-Classical Ensemble, a Stravinsky Festival, Spring 2011