Joseph Horowitz

 Joseph Horowitz
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“Both on the page and the stage Horowitz is a formidable
presence whose ideology is hard to miss. At the root of his work is his belief that American culture has been crippled by the New World’s unreflexive worship of Europe.”

- Ken Smith, Gramophone Magazine

Joseph Horowitz is available for lectures, residencies, and workshops.

 ⇒   Lecture on the state of arts journalism in the American daily press
       (as delivered at Syracuse University)
       (delivered as the annual Gardner Lecture in the Humanities at the
       University of Utah)
A sample Joseph Horowitz residency (hosted by the School of Music at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2005):
  • "The Piano in the 21st Century" (for piano faculty and students)
  • Workshop (two hours) on thematic programing and historic performance practice (for conducting faculty and students)
  • Public lecture on "The Classical Music 'Crisis' and What To Do About It"
  • Colloquium (with Richard Crawford) on the historiography of American music
  • Classroom visits and meals with students
Joseph Horowitz is also available for the workshop NEW PROGRAMING STRATEGIES: An interactive opportunity for performers, educators, and/or presenters to explore specific alternatives to standard concert formats, tailored to individual artists and audiences. Also: packaging, fund-raising, promotion, marketing.